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Pertemps Social Care is a social work recruitment agency with a difference. Serving the social care sector, our business is firmly based on the principles of the public services and gold-standard customer service. We’ve always hand-picked consultants who will build long-term relationships and act as trusted partners to their clients and candidates.

Working with the best technology, tools and data analytics in the industry, Pertemps Social Care has grown rapidly and is proud to retain its agency original values: a commitment to honest relationships, to being ambitious for ourselves and others and simply providing the best possible service.

Pertemps Social Care has a diverse client base across the UK and regularly places social workers within public and private organisations throughout the UK, but there is still room for growth and improvement. Its vision is to lead the way in social care recruitment and to continue to build a reputation for high standards and an empathetic approach to recruitment. Most of all, Pertemps Social Care consultants never lose sight of what really matters: an outstanding service to candidates and clients who provide help to society’s most vulnerable children and adults, in often very tough and challenging circumstances.

Often working on a contingency basis, our consultants spend their time networking and engaging positively with relevant individuals and organisations. Their unique insight puts them at the forefront of their field and ensures they offer valuable knowledge about social care jobs, culture, trends and individuals. 

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Managed services

As a multi-faceted social work agency, we work in partnership with a number of local authorities to ensure that temporary roles are filled and operational at all times. Our embedded teams manage the supply of qualified social workers and support councils’ public services.

We use a blend of tried and tested strategies to quickly fill critical roles:

  • We focus on the traditional route to market – via vendors or procurement frameworks.
  • We work closely with clients to ensure they are an employer of choice.
  • We develop a strong candidate pipeline to protect against future skills shortages.

Our unique sector insight means we can assess the existing workforce in relation to upskilling and hard-to-fill roles, advise on being flexible on rate and role and monitor the offering to agency workers to ensure it remains attractive.

Independent social workers

Independent social workers can work particularly well when caseloads are high, or in situations when court deadlines are having to be rearranged or extended. 

Pertemps Social Care’s independent social workers can complete assessments within timeframes and work in partnership with existing staff to ensure cases are managed and filed in time.

Our independent social workers carry out a wide range of assessments such as:

  • Together and Apart 
  • Connected Persons 
  • Viability 
  • Form F Assessors
  • PAMS 
  • Parenting Assessments 
  • Pre-Birth
  • CPR 
  • Parent Assess 
  • Risk

Benefits of using Pertemps Social Care's independent social workers:

  • Employers only pay for the hours that independent social workers complete on the assessment. 
  • We’ll provide a weekly tracker showing updates on all ongoing cases. 
  • We can manage the communication with your social workers and ensure that the assessments transferred are completed to correct timescales. 
  • Our independent social workers will become part of an existing team and work in partnership with permanent staff to manage cases to the expected high standards.
  • Independent social workers will alleviate the pressure on existing social workers as their workload becomes more manageable. 
  • It’s a flexible service: independent social workers can be used on an ad hoc basis, and only when assessments are needed.
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Overseas candidates

When social workers come from overseas, our stringent selection, registration and interview procedures are more important than ever. 

We have expert knowledge about immigration rules and relocation and can work with employers to ensure a seamless transition. 

Looking further afield

Pertemps Social Care finds the very best overseas candidates, and provides them with the support they need to successfully navigate the immigration and relocation process.

Relocation support

Our specialist team maintains close contact with overseas candidates from registration to relocation, and provides dedicated support as they settle into their new role.

Our social workers are provided with a thorough and detailed support programme designed to give them the tools they need to be independent in the UK and to acclimatise happily and with confidence.

Partnership working

By truly understanding our candidates and clients, locally and globally, we can help social workers achieve a lasting impact in the UK. By giving them the resources they need, our recruitment and retention strategy builds the strongest possible foundation and the best chance for success.