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At Pertemps Education Network, we’re delighted to play a central role in education recruitment in the south east of England, UK. Our education recruitment consultants are based in Chelmsford and central London, and if you ask them what motivates them, it’s clear they take this business personally. Living alongside and working with their client schools and the education professionals on their books means they are central to those communities.

Our business is simple – we work closely with client schools to find them the people they need. If it’s a temporary assignment or a permanent role, we can help. Our consultants skilfully match needs and requirements to ensure candidates are a good fit and can hit the ground running.

We’re used to finding high-calibre teaching staff and SEND specialists for our schools, and we view support services in the same way. If you need a caretaker, a business manager or a technician, you can expect the same flexible, responsive approach, tailored to your specific needs.