Jackie Headshot

Jackie Whateley

Director of Social Care


As a raw business graduate, Jackie spent an afternoon delivering her CV to agencies and registering with them as a candidate. Two of them had the foresight to offer her jobs that day, and she chose the one that paid the best, a healthcare recruitment agency. That was more than 18 years ago, and since then, Jackie has honed her skills, working in London, Manchester and Birmingham – always in health and social care recruitment. As a result, she has a thorough understanding of the market across the county and a great deal to offer her candidates and clients alike.

Jackie is truly passionate about health and social care and the challenges it faces. These changes have shifted the market, with some social workers deciding that permanent positions are best for them, while others have gone down the independent route. Many find that agency work suits them best, and there are still great opportunities for them. Jackie is confident that Equinox offers a great option for many qualified professionals.